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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

Yo, where's the chart and where can I buy this gem?

You can find the Chart HERE and can buy it on Uniswap HERE.

Be aware:
Tax is 7% per transaction, which means you need to set your slippage accordingly (10-20% should be sufficient). In the first hour we have a Buy-Limit of max. 2% per Wallet. Means you can only acquire 2% of the total supply per buy. This will help to mitigate ugly whale dumps etc. – The limit will be removed after 1 hour.

What's $ISLAND?

$ISLAND is the Island Doge meme token on the Ethereum Chain (ERC20).

Was there a whitelist or presale at launch?

No, not at all. We listing the token directly on Uniswap as a fair launch. Everybody who wants an $ISLAND bag needs to buy one. Since there is no exception to this rule, also the team has to buy it at market price to get exposure. No presale dumpers and no bullshit whitelists.

What's the total supply of $ISLAND?

1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000 ISLAND tokens)

You can find out more about our tokenomics HERE.

Is ISLAND DOGES connected to the Island Boys?

We contacted the island boys and gave them a pitch about our project. Obviously they liked it enough to give us a shoutout in form of a rad ISLAND DOGES song. However, we are still in contact with them and right now negotiating further partnership actions and marketing initiatives.

You guys have a roadmap?

We have one. Please check out our Roadmap page for further details. In the following days we will announce a more precise schedule for our milestones.